Poinsettias & Wreaths

Poinsettias to Add a Touch of Elegance

Poinsettias are the most popular holiday plant, and their beautiful red tones symbolize holiday cheer and good fortune. Holiday plants help bring the spirit of celebration of and merriment to your home. With Christmas just around the corner, we can provide you with beautiful, home-grown poinsettias!

How to Care For Your Poinsettias

Find the Right Place in Your Home
To keep your poinsettias healthy and happy, place them in a warm, light location. Make sure not your plant is not sitting in direct sunlight and drafts so its environment stays constant. you should also avoid pressing poinsettias against cold windows, because colder temperatures can often damage the plant.

Watering and Feeding
Place your fingers in the pot and check the soil daily. You only need to water if the soil feels dry. When you do water your poinsettias, make sure the soil is soaked through to the bottom of the pot, then discard the excess water. Like any plant, find a happy medium. It's common for some poinsettias' leaves to fade to yellow when they're environment changes, so don't worry if this happens when you bring them home!

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Fresh Wreaths to Decorate Your Home

Christmas would never be the same without beautiful wreaths! Spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood with fresh, hand-tied wreaths from Morgan Avenue Greenhouse. We have beautiful designs on location, and we offer many shapes and sizes for the holiday season.

Wreath and Holiday Greenery Care

Caring for a Wreath Outdoors
A wreath kept outside in our Wisconsin winters should not need any extra watering. When deciding a location for your display, make sure to keep the wreath out of direct sunlight and away from any external heat sources.

Watering Your Indoor Wreath
If you decide to keep your wreath inside your house, it may need extra watering. To water your wreath, spray it with a bottle every couple days as you see fit. If you are displaying your wreath inside temporarily for an event, keep it outside in a cool area up until the event to keep it fresh.

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